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Hints and Tips for the Successful Move



  • Always seal boxes and cartons flat so they can be stacked.
  • Always label with a description of contents and their destination.
  • Keep cartons to a manageable weight; if you can lift them, so can we!
  • Pack heavier items such as books in smaller cartons.
  • Pack pictures and plates on end or edge, never flat.
  • Pack heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter items at the top.
  • Use plenty of padding and paper; loose cushions can be of excellent use.
  • Allow plenty of time to pack.

Moving Day:

Be sure to keep things like vital paperwork, car keys, house keys, handbags, and any other items that you do not want packed or loaded onto the lorry, well out of the removal crews' way or clearly and securely label ‘not to be removed’.

Be sure to have a ‘survival kit’ prepared. This should contain a kettle, tea and coffee facilities, and some form of sustenance to keep you going; a removal day can be very long and it is vital to keep up a regular fluid intake and consume enough sustenance to keep you going until nightfall. Also include bedding, overnight clothing and any necessary toiletries or medication that you may require.

Don’t forget to disconnect kitchen and electrical appliances before they are moved – this is your responsibility unless other arrangements have been made.

It is your responsibility to check that all the correct furniture and effects have been removed by the removal crew - do double check before the vehicle leaves.

The removal crew will arrive at your residence between 8.30 and 9.00am unless other arrangements have been made. They will need to manoeuvre a potentially very large vehicle as close to the main access door as possible. Please ensure cars and other obstacles are out of the way and if necessary inform your neighbours that a large vehicle will be present and may restrict access for a relatively short time.

During loading the crew will not necessarily clear a room at a time. In order to achieve a safe, secure and stable load, they will pick and choose certain pieces of furniture and/or boxes throughout the property. All furniture items are wrapped as they are loaded for protection during transport. Proper and professional loading can take a surprisingly long time. In most cases, unloading takes far less time and we would require the client or agent to be present and direct the crew as to the correct placement of furniture items within the new residence; if possible, we don’t want to move things twice.

Wardrobe cartons need to be returned at the end of the removal unless special arrangements have been made; these are available for purchase or hire.

Please keep boxes and cartons dry and clean when unpacked and call the office when they are ready for collection.


Due to insurance restrictions, we are unable to move or transport flammable liquids, paints, thinners, gas canisters or bottles, and chemicals. All petrol-driven equipment such as lawn mowers and garden tractors should, in most cases, be drained of fuel before removal.

Unless specifically quoted for and highlighted by us, it is the owner's responsibility to carry out any necessary dismantling of furniture items, should the need arise. Extra charges may be incurred for the extra work carried out.

Self-assembly furniture is not insured. Our crews will endeavour to move items with the greatest of care but it is not designed to be moved whole. If you do have any concerns or queries, please Contact Us.