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Owner Packing

Any client, is of course, completely free to carry out his or her own packing. All materials can be supplied as previously described and full professional advice given should you require it. When available, we are able to supply very good quality used and re-claimed cartons free of charge which we have sourced from other industries and we have no problem in a client using their own privately sourced boxes and cartons.

When a client carries out their own packing the following information would be appropriate:

  • Please seal boxes with tape at both ends and seal them flat.
  • Please label the contents and location clearly.
  • Please keep heavy items such as books to smaller more manageable boxes – and clearly mark heavy boxes.
  • Please ensure that liquids and/or foodstuffs are kept upright – and labelled as such.

What to pack?

As a rule of thumb, if we have supplied the cartons and boxes then we would expect all items that are loose and that will fit into these cartons to be packed by the owner into the cartons. All larger items such as TV’s, large pictures and mirrors, and larger table lamps would be properly dealt with by the removal crew on the removal day.

Finally, do please allow yourselves plenty of time to carry out your packing. It is very easy to underestimate the time it takes and can cause all sorts of problems if not completed by removal day. It can take four professional packers a full day and more to fully pack and prepare a normal home for removal.

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